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Susan Lowenthal, CPD
Consultant to the Creative Industries

  • Craft and Gift Industry Product Development
  • Television and Video Production
  • Custom Designs for the Print and Web Media
  • Product Demonstration and Teaching
  • Computer Graphic Arts

Mission Statement

Susan's definition of an artist is "someone who sees".  An artist/designer can:

  • look at a product and envision unique applications,
  • look at an object and see something totally different,
  • put together 2 or more items and create something totally unrelated to any of them,
  • create objects for the home and heart.

For Susan, having these talents is not enough.  Her mission is to utilize her talents to help clients realize the full potential of their products. Her goals are to help clients successfully meet comprehensive creative needs from a simple project to a multi-tiered rollout of a new product line as well as opening new marketing possibilities for existing product.

Her motto: "I see thus I create, I create therefore I am."

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