Susan Lowenthal, CPD
Consultant to the Creative Industries


Learn to create gorgeous, original gift baskets for all occasions. Gift Baskets 101 will guide you through building a foundation, tools of the trade, selection of product, production preparation and placement, finshing, wrapping and shipping. If you have ever wanted to start a gift basket business or just learn how to create stunning baskets as gifts, this is a must have video for you. Here is a sample of what you'll learn.

Candles & Wax for Fun & Profit

Learn to the basics of working with various waxes. Learn to work with natural wax, gel wax, scent, dyes and wicks. Create gorgeous container candles, turn junk candles into decorator candles, turn dried floral materials into fire starters, room fresheners and ornaments. Candles & Wax for Fun & Profit will make a perfect addition to your video library. Here is a sample of what you'll learn.

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